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From: "PRESS RELEASE -- Domy Books" <info@domystore.com>
Subject: AUSTIN - DECEMBER 17 - Minerva's Wreck: 2011
Date: November 22nd 2011

Domy Books and Café Armageddon are pleased to present

Minerva's Wreck: 2011
curated & designed by Wayne Alan Brenner

Saturday, December 17, 2011 at Domy Books - Austin
913 E Cesar Chavez, Austin, TX 78702
7-9pm, FREE

Exhibition runs December 17, 2011–January 5, 2012
Here's Minerva's Wreck: 2011, the third and final volume in the annual series of arts anthologies from Cafe Armageddon, curated & designed by Wayne Alan Brenner and featuring interviews with John Erler, Lauren Levy, Shannon McCormick, Tim Doyle, Connor Hopkins, Ratgirl, PJ Raval, and others. Here's an oversized, 64-page printed abundance of information about local artists, of the tastiest fiction around, with commissioned photos by Jon Bolden, illustrations by Jason Stout and Lance Fever Myers, and all of it enhanced by original artworks from Lauren Levy and David Ellis, and a music CD from Shamrock Records, and chapbooks and comix and game cards and letterpressed posters and stickers and bits of braille tape, and, holy fuck, this is a barely contained explosion of goodness celebrating and documenting the creativity of several overlapping microcosms in the ATX. Yes, yes, oh god, YES!

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